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                        OUR ADVANTAGE

                        Quality Reliability

                        All production materials meet the safety and environmental protection testing standards.

                        Each joint has cleat or dovetail,to make sure the product structure strong. 


                        We have advanced production equipment, and has been serving customers of stars hotel.

                        Hospitality furniture plan can be provided for your hotel.


                        According to the drawings confirmed by customers, complete the samples accurately and timely.

                        Timely delivery ensures that customers receive the goods in schedule.

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                        Case + Projects

                            Dongguan Mago furniture Co., Ltd is a reputable furniture manufacturing group located in Dongguan city of Guangdong province.
                            We have ability in the design, production and marketing of hotel furniture, hotel bedroom furniture and its ranges like desk, sofas, chairs, guestroom furniture, lobby furniture, restaurant furniture etc.
                            With its powerful funds support, scientific management, advanced manufacturing facilities,talented designers and skillful workers, Mago provided a reliable hotel supplies solution for customer from domestic and overseas.               

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